Teacher PD Opportunities


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Especially for Beginning Teachers

INS 2016-2017 Critical Thinking and Differentiating Instruction

  • Section # 432902 Elementary   March 22, 2017   8:30 – 4:00
  • Section # 432903 Secondary    March 23, 2017   8:30 – 4:00

In this one-day professional development opportunity you will learn new ways to incorporate differentiation in planning, managing, and implementing instruction. Learn how readiness, learning preferences, and interests impact the creation of quality lessons. You will also learn to infuse critical thinking across content areas. You will interact with other teachers to gain the knowledge and skills for creating thinking-centered classrooms. As a participant you will receive a copy of Mentoring Minds Differentiated Instruction flip book and the Depth of Knowledge/Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy wheel. Both guides are easy-to-use resources that provide educators with techniques and strategies for developing critical thinkers for life.


New Teacher Topics – April 7th – Register Now!

Mark your calendars and plan to join us on April 7th (teacher workday) from 8:30 – 2:30 at Spaugh PDC for New Teacher Topics.  This day-long event is planned especially for year 0-3 teachers.  The event will include celebration activities as well as resources and strategies to implement as teachers prepare students for end-of-year assessments. Please click here to visit the agenda.   Lunch will be provided.  Register via MyTalent # 417624.  This day-long event will replace the April 4th afternoon NTT sessions. Contact Linda Yarbrough at linda.yarbrough@cms.k12.nc.us for additional information.


National Board Certification

If you will have completed three years of teaching, school counseling, or media work by the fall of 2017, consider pursuing National Board Certification beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.  Attend an Information Session this spring to find out more about the process.  Study groups and candidate institutes continue for current candidates.  Contact Linda Yarbrough at linda.yarbrough@cms.k12.nc.us for additional information 

Differentiated Instruction Self-Paced Online Modules

Self-paced, online mini modules are available 24/7 to assist teachers with planning differentiated instruction for their diverse students.  Visit our wiki for MyTalent registration information.  Contact Linda Yarbrough at linda.yarbrough@cms.k12.nc.us for additional information.

  • Course #417021 – INS Self-Paced Differentiating Content 2016-17 (Online) .3 CEUs/3 CEHs
  • Course #417024 – INS Self-Paced Differentiating Learning Environment 2016-17 (Online) .4 CEUs/4 CEHs
  • Course #417025 – INS Self-Paced Differentiating Process & Product 2016-17 (Online) .3 CEUs/ 3 CEHs
  • Course #417026 – INS Self-Paced Differentiating with the Tools of Depth & Complexity 2016-17 (Online) .3 CEUs/ 3 CEHs

Business Writing and Communications – Online Course Series

The Teacher Professional Development Department is pleased to offer a Business Writing and Communications self-paced online course series for both instructional and non-instructional staff throughout the district.  This course consists of seven (7) mini-courses designed to assist the writer in developing effective communication skills by learning how to properly utilize the English language in a manner that is deliberate and impactful.  The series also contains instruction in the use of Microsoft Word functions including clear message formatting, proofreading, “netiquette”, use of fonts and other communications.  Free resources are available for on-going support in English grammar conventions and writing techniques.  The “Business Writing” course series can be accessed via the MyTalent catalog to register for any of the courses. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your writing skills and be better equipped to meet the challenges of composing effective writings for business and diverse audiences.

Click here to access more information, course listings and numbers. For additional information, please contact Lilla Sexton at lilla1.sexton@cms.k12.nc.us or 980-343-5366.

***Five New Self-Paced Online Literacy Courses – These courses are open for registration through June 27th and must be completed by June 30, 2017.  Credit will then be posted with an end date of 6/30 or earlier on your transcript. Enter the course number in the MyTalent catalog search box to see course descriptions/details and to register.

  • Course #416231: LIT Close Reading Strategies: Grades 3 – 8 (Online) SP-177-Self-Paced (1.2 CEUs/12 CEHs Literacy)
  • Course #416233: LIT Instructional Strategies: Citing Evidence for Grades 6-8  (Online) SP-168-Self-Paced (1.2 CEUs/12CEHs Literacy)
  • Course #416236: LIT Instructional Strategies: Citing Evidence, Grades 9-12 (Online) SP-170-Self-Paced (1.2 CEUs/12 CEHs Literacy)
  • Course #416247: LIT Instructional Strategies: Teaching Students How to Use and Cite Evidence K-5 (Online) SP-190-Self-Paced (1.2 CEUs/12 CEHs Literacy)
  • Course #416237: LIT Writing Strategies For All Content Areas: Grades 3-12 (Online) SP-134-Self-Paced (1.5 CEUS/15 CEHs Literacy)

CMS Mini-Module Online Courses Available

  • Course #416246 – LIT Best Practices in Literacy (Online) .5 CEUs (literacy credit)
  • Course #416244 – LIT Reading Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers (Online) .5 CEUs (literacy credit)
  • Course #417221 – INS Best Instructional Practices I Online Module 2016-2017 .5 CEUs (academic subject/content credit)
  • Course #417210 – INS Best Instructional Practices II Online Module 2016-2017 .5 CEUs (academic subject/content credit)
  • Course #417220 – INS Best Instructional Practices III Online Module 2016-2017 .5 CEUs (academic subject/content credit)

CMS Online Modules for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers now have access to MyTalent and CMS professional development (except courses in Canvas).  We even have a series of online modules just for substitutes.  There are listed below.  Click here  to access a flyer with course descriptions, login and registration instructions.

  • PDV Classroom Management Online Module for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ONLY (Course #414811)
  • INS Best Instructional Practices I Online Module for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ONLY (Course #414813)
  • INS Best Instructional Practices II Online Module for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ONLY (Course #414814)
  • INS Best Instructional Practices III Online Module for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ONLY (Course #414815)

Tregoe Training

Do you want to learn a systematic way to critically analyze a situation before actions, to make defensible decisions, and to head off potential problems? Tregoe processes might be what you want to add to your tool belt. Kepner-Tregoe developed four rational processes that mirror the basic patterns for applying critical thinking to information, data, and experience. Participants will have the opportunities to learn, practice and apply the following processes: Situation Appraisal, Decision Analysis, Potential Problem (Opportunity) Analysis

  • 430790 ADL – Analytical Processes for Collaborative Decision Making (Tregoe) – June 2017